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Who Let the Gods Out

I really hope you enjoy the book for this half term - I have really been enjoying reading it!

You can watch each chapter on the videos below. There is also a document you can download which has questions and other tasks linked to each of the chapters. You can write down your answers in your book, send them to me on Purple Mash or you can just discuss them with someone at home. We would love to see any work you do, so please send it in.


I have also included links to some other sites that you can use to find out more about the characters in the story.

Click the image below to go to a site where you can learn all about some of the Ancient Greek Gods and watch one of their Myths:

This picture might help you to understand some of the places and characters mentioned in the story. This is where the Ancient Greeks believed some of the mythical beings in their stories lived. See which ones you spot while I am reading:

This is to watch AFTER you have watched Chapter 10. It is the Ancient Greek creation story and will help you to understand a little more about some of the characters and places in the book. It is extremely weird!