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Co-Headteachers: Claire Beswick and Karen Loney

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Whingate Primary School

Accept and Respect


During the launch assembly (02.11.21), we discussed the meaning of 'accepting' and 'respecting' others...

We also spent time discussing how we show respect to others...


During the Accept and Respect day (24.11.21), each year group planned a number of tasks linked to being accepting, respecting and how to show an understanding of different beliefs. Here are a number of tasks that were carried out:

  • 'Identity, Society and Equality' unit from You, Me and PSHE. 
  • RE - gaps from previous years.
  • Art - children to draw and 'express' themselves - talk about what the artwork represents and how this is different to others. 
  • Discuss who we respect and why.
  • Kindness tasks. 
  • Cut a long strip of paper. Roll each of the ends around a pencil and tape the ends to the pencil. Use crayons and coloured pencils to draw a scene of what respect looks and sounds like in action. Roll up your movie and share.
  • Make a campaign poster about respect. Make sure you include the word “Respect and two reasons why someone would want to vote for having respect at your school. You could use construction paper, felt pens, crayons, magazine cut-outs and templates.
  • Look up the word “respect” in a dictionary. Find at least 10 different words that mean almost the same thing as “respectful.” 
  • Use glue to write on bright-coloured paper a few statements that respectful people would say to put a smile on someone else’s face. Now carefully sprinkle the letters with glitter. You’ve made Sparkle Statements!
  • Show and Tell - the children love to talk about themselves! 
  • Find out about Doctor Barnardo and why he became such a respected figure.

We had a fab day, and the children loved discussing their own personal beliefs and listening to those of others.