KS1 Sports Day

We had a fabulous - albeit very warm - Sports Day this year. However, rest assured that we had additional breaks, and even had ice lollies to cool off whilst the children watched their teachers compete in an assault course.

Congratulations to the teacher team who were triumphant; Mrs Kellman, Mrs Knights, Miss Bate and Miss Farrar!

The children were in teams within their year group. They each completed six activities that directly link to the fundamental skills that we teach in KS1. At each station, the teams received points, the team with the most points per year group were our winners.

The activities were: 

  1. Throwing and catching
  2. Speed bounce
  3. Hockey dribbling
  4. Skipping
  5. Sprints
  6. Javelin

The children were impeccably behaved, showed amazing sportsmanship and determination, and most importantly they had lots of fun!!!