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Acting Co-Headteachers: Claire Beswick and Karen Loney

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Whingate Primary School

Name our new school motto!


Grammar Police

 As a school we have re-launched the GRAMMAR POLICE!! It is really important that all children and adults speak in grammatically correct sentences, and at Whingate we want to make sure that this is the case! Each week the whole school will look at a new focus, time will be given in class for children to work on this and stickers will be awarded to those who are seen to be working hard to improve their own grammar. 

To promote the importance of good grammar we held a sticker competition! The winners of which would have their designs made into stickers that would be used by staff to award children for working hard on their grammar. The entries were phenomenal!! A winner for each phase was chosen. 

Foundation Stage - Finley 

Key Stage 1 - Lola 

Lower Key Stage 2 - Holly

Upper Key Stage 2 - Patryk

Take a look at the winning designs below: 


To help us on our mission we have hired the GRAMMAR SQUAD! Protecting Whingate from poor grammar! 

The Grammar Squad include: 

Patryk, Jayson, Jaeda and Freya from Year 6

Grace, Honey, Jessica and Victoria from Year 5

Focus for this fortnight:

To say and write "nothing" and "anything" correctly.

We should say 'nothing' as opposed to 'nowt', and 'anything' as opposed to 'owt'


I have nothing in my pocket.

Do you have anything to say?


.I have nowt in my pocket.

Do you have anything to say?