Ofsted Report

Whingate Primary School had their latest OFSTED Inspection on 4th May 2018.


The main observations made by the Inspectors are as listed below:-


  • Whingate continues to be judged as a GOOD school
  • Pupils are keen to succeed. They make the most of their time in school
  • Staff monitor progress in the classroom carefully and well, they move pupils on promptly and well, when they are ready
  • Due to strong relationships and good classroom routines, pupils have growing control of their learning. They know what they need to do next
  • Pupils' behaviour in class is very good because they know the routines, respect others and want to learn. They are proud of their school and treat it well
  • Pupils reported that bullying is very rare and that, if it does occur, it is dealt with promptly and well by staff
  • Leaders and Governors have focused systematically on Reading, using effective strategies
  • Safeguarding is effective. Records are of high quality and are meticulously kept


Pupils really enjoy coming to school


Next steps include:

Continuing to develop relationships with parents so that they are able to play a more effective role in their children's learning, including the development of reading, in line with the high expectations of the school.


The complete report can be viewed by clicking on the download link below:


Whingate_Primary_School_10047689_final_report_2_.pdf .pdf