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Welcome to Year 6!

We enjoy our last year at Whingate with Mrs Walker, Miss Dean, Mrs Gatenby, Miss Loney, Mrs Croll and Miss Boocock.



To mark the end of our amazing Y6's time at Whingate, we were able to celebrate with our Whingate Oscars Evening. All of the children, and staff, had an amazing evening: taking pictures in the outdoor photo booth; eating delicious pizzas; cheering on our award winners; and having lots and lots of laughs. We were also able to have a zoom call with our children who are currently isolating which was far more successful than the 'professional' Oscars ceremony!!

We are so proud of how our amazing Y6 have dealt with the difficult circumstances over the last two years: you are all incredible! We are also extremely lucky to have such supportive parents. Our Wonderful Whingate Family remains strong!! We took so many pictures, thanks to our amazing photographers Mrs Croll and Mrs Gatenby. Take a look at the galleries below.

Arrivals and the Photo Booth

Awards Ceremony

The Proud Year 6 Team

Our Wonderful Year 6!

We are so proud of you all and can't wait to hear about the amazing successes you are all certainly going to have in high school and beyond.

Forever Whingate legends!






World War II

Autumn Term 2020

This term we are learning all about life during World War II. In history we will be learning about key events which shaped the course of the war and researching life for children during this time. In literacy, we will be exploring and writing recounts of life during The Blitz before looking in more detail at life for evacuees. Our reading texts will also support our World War II research, reading a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction. We will be uploading some of our work shortly so watch this space!

Homework in Y6 - update

For Autumn term, homework expectations in Y6 will be as follows:

Reading/book bag homework - To read at least two chapters from a book, two articles or two sections of a non-fiction texts each week. Try to vary what you read and remember to add these to your reading record. Also, try to access Reading Plus from home if you can and add any completed lessons to your reading record too to get maximum house points!

Maths - Tasks set on Purple Mash and a times tables challenge. We will be sending arithmetic tests for homework later in the term.

Spelling - Tasks set on Purple Mash. Please also try to complete at least 1 spelling activity from the list in your spelling journal. You can use the spelling rules taught in class and previously sent for homework, homophones or orange words. You have lots of words already in your journal but there are also lots of extra spelling words below.

Book bag homework - To read at least two chapters from a book, two articles or two sections of a non-fiction texts each week. You also need to bring in your reading record on your book bag day, which has been signed by an adult. The books you read can be fiction, non-fiction or poetry and can also include online reading, reading from a newspaper or any other text types. Try to keep your reading as varied as you can. Add any Reading Plus lessons completed to your reading record.

Remember you can also access Reading Plus, Purple Mash, Mathletics or TTRockstars at home too!

Homework will be handed out on Friday each work and is due in no later than Wednesday of the following week.


Spelling is a huge focus for Y6 and we have twice-daily lessons in order for us to review all of the spelling rules and spellings which don't fit a particular rule (common exception words). We have found that the more children practise spelling words through a range of activities, the better they get at the initial spelling of the words but also spotting when a word may be spelt incorrectly. This year we are awarding huge numbers of house points for different activities completed. Good luck!!

 Spelling Activities.docxDownload
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As the spelling test for SATs will cover spelling rules taught from Y2 to Y6, we are currently revising all of the rules during class time. After each unit, we will upload a word bank of the spelling rules covered and, if you would like to, you can work with your child at home to complete some further revision. We have also attached lists of the common exception words for KS1 and KS2.

Spellings - Common Exception Words (Orange and red words)

These words are highlighted in the National Curriculum as words that should be learnt but they do not always fit with the rules studied. Regular and accurate use of these words is also an objective on the Y6 Assessment Framework for writing. We have found that the more we see these words, the better we get at spelling them. We have grouped them into Sets A-D and have also added on the Y2 Common Exception Words (red words).

 Orange Words Set A.docxDownload
 Orange Words Set B.docxDownload
 Orange Words Set C.docxDownload
 Orange Words Set D.docxDownload
 Red Words.docxDownload
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Spelling rules - Sept 2020

 prefix anti-.docDownload
 prefix auto-.docDownload
 prefix dis- and im-.docDownload
 prefix il- and revise un- mis- in- dis-.docDownload
 prefix im-.docDownload
 prefix inter-.docDownload
 prefix ir-.docDownload
 prefix re-.docDownload
 prefix sub-.docDownload
 prefix super-.docDownload
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Spelling rules - Oct 2020

 adding -ation to verbs to make nouns.docDownload
 suffix -ed (2).docDownload
 suffix -ed (3).docDownload
 suffix -ed.docDownload
 suffix -er or -est.docDownload
 suffix -ing (2).docDownload
 suffix -ing.docDownload
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 Orange Words Y3-4 master.docxDownload
 Orange Words Y5-6 master.docxDownload
 Spelling Checklist - Homophones.docxDownload
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This term we are having a huge push towards all children being able to rapidly recall their times tables facts, including division facts, to 12 x 12. Each week we send home a speed test sheet, twice-weekly we complete a Superhero times table challenge and we spend time accessing TTRockstars. We know that the better children are able to recall their times tables facts, the quicker and more confidently they pick up new concepts taught in maths. 

Try to practise your timestables as much as you can by accessing TTRockstars, practising on paper, or by challenging a family member!

We have also attached some extra timestables sheet which you can download below.

 Set A - 2s 5s and 10s - 3 sessions_week - questions.pdfDownload
 Set B - 3s 4s and 8s - 3 sessions_week - questions.pdfDownload
 Set C - Full Programme - 3 sessions_week - questions.pdfDownload
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We will also be entering this challenge through TTRockstars in November. Get practising!!



This year we will continue to use the Reading Plus online reading scheme to help increase the reading speed and comprehension of children in Y6. This scheme has proved to be extremely successful at developing fluency and has enabled children to make more progress with their reading. Every child has their own account and can access this at school and at home. 

Year 6 2020-21

Below is our long term planning document for Year 6. It shows the wide variety of learning that will take place in Year 6 this academic year.

Spellvis Challenge!

For every house point you earn when completing your spellings, you can also convert these to Spellvis points. Remember to move your Spellvis character around the jukebox and let's see who manages to complete the discs first and get the next disc named after them!


PE Days

Outdoor PE - Fridays

  • White t-shirt
  • Black/Navy shorts or jogging bottoms
  • Trainers
  • Tracksuit top for colder sessions



SATs Meeting - Feb 2020

Attached below are the key documents from tonight's meeting. Please feel free to come and speak to a member of the Year 6 team if you have any further questions about the SATs tests and SATs week.

Oscars and Graduation Ceremony