Our Curriculum


Our aim is to provide your child with an education of high quality. We offer variety and breadth throughout the school. We also expect children to make progress and to achieve clear learning objectives in every lesson. 

All children from Reception – Year 6 take part in a daily Literacy, Mathematics and reading lesson. From Nursery – Year 2 the children are also taught phonics daily to support the development of reading, writing and accuracy in spelling. If children need more support with phonics in KS2 there is a programme that they can access.

 School gives children much more say in the learning that goes on through the topics that are taught in their year group. At the end of every half term the children are asked a question related to the new topic. The children discuss the question, coming up with new questions, explaining what they already know etc. From this the teachers are able to plan for the needs of the children and teach things of interest and fill in gaps in their learning. At the end of the half term the same question is posed allowing the children to assess what they have learnt and celebrate achievement.

 At the end of every term the teachers assess and analyse data related to the progress of the children in their class/set in reading, writing and mathematics. All class teachers participate in pupil progress meetings where they discuss progress and expectations with members of the Senior Leadership Team.